World Connections

World Connections

Central United Reformed Church, a Fair Trade congregation, takes its connections with the wider world very seriously.

The church is actively involved in its support and promotion of Christian Aid – both in terms of fund-raising and campaigning.

At the conclusion of another successful Christian Aid Week the Organiser Jenny Stephen notes “Now we can relax from fund-raising and concentrate on the current multi-agency IF … campaign to persuade leaders globally to change the systems which keep 1 billion people hungry. ‘Enough food for all IF …’ Apart from the four main points (tax avoidance, tax transparency, land use and rights, targeting official aid) you can probably think of a few more ways of ending the IF … sentence.”

Further the church supports Commitment for Life the world development programme of the United Reformed Church. CFL celebrated 20 years of faith in action in 2012. By engaging in CFL the church takes action, prays and gives for people across the world but especially in our four partner countries of Bangladesh, Jamaica, Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory and Zimbabwe.

Commitment for Life work in partnership with Christian Aid and The World Development Movement has raised over half a million pounds a year from contributing churches.

The congregation is connected to producers by supporting Traidcraft and to children in need through Operation Christmas Child.

The congregation has a direct living connection with the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian Synod of Zambia having hosted visitors from the Synod and raised monies to build a retirement home for a minister.

In October 2013 two of our ministers travelled to Zambia as part of a Educational and Aid Team as part of our congregational partnership with the Romans One Eleven Trust.